Decatur Psychotherapy

People come to psychotherapy for help to get what they want. Some just want to feel better, less moody, and not so sad, or to grieve a loss. Some people want to get in a relationship, and others want to get out of one. Some want to start a family. Parents often want help managing chaos with children. Couples want to recapture the magic they once felt or learn how to live a different form of it. Some people get curious about why they keep stepping on their own toes and repeating patterns that don’t work for them. Some people don’t know why they come.

My psychotherapy style is highly interactional. I listen and teach people how to listen to themselves in many different ways. I give feedback, interrupt at times and confront when needed.

As eluded to above, psychotherapy is not a social arena. It is a private, legally protected, working relationship with a licensed professional where you may cry, laugh, scream, and say exactly what you feel when you know it, or just mumble until your feelings and thoughts come together and make sense to you.