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For many women delaying motherhood is necessary, whereas for others it may be optional. Infertility experts advise women to have children by the age of 35; at that point, eggs start declining significantly in both quantity and quality.

There are many good reasons to wait to have children or to take steps to have the option later:

    Advanced Education Building Career Medical Treatment . Committed Relationship Prolonged Divorce Relocating Personal Choice Saving Money
Advances in medical technology allow single women as well as committed/married couples more choice in when to have children. The medical procedures making this possible are:

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Egg and sperm are mixed in a laboratory dish, then the resulting embryos can be transferred to a woman's uterus or frozen for future use.

Egg Freezing

Just within the last five years technology has made freezing eggs without fertilization for future use viable. This allows women the opportunity to let their lives evolve before choosing a donor. It alleviates the moral conflict some women have with freezing embryos and the complication of who owns the embryos for a married couple should they divorce.

Talking to a psychologist experienced in infertility counseling can help you sort out your concerns before investing in a medical evaluation. You can relax knowing that the time frame for getting pregnant has opened the door by extending your childbearing years. Let me help you clarify what is best for you.

This is a very exciting time for building families and I look forward to working with you. Short term consultations meet most peoples' needs. Out of town consultations may be done by Skype. Handing a copy of my brochure, "Let's Talk About Waiting to Have Children", directly to your clients/patients will make it easier to address this topic. You may download a copy from my web site:

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