Buckhead Hormone Balancing In Women

“…we did not know what to do for ourselves much less our patients…”

Many symptoms that accompany anxiety and depression often involve both problems in life and chemical imbalances. The chemical imbalances increase as we age. Fatigue, trouble sleeping, sadness, agitation, mood swings, low sex drive, withdrawal, aggression, muscle aches, headaches, and general loss of interest in life may result from a combination of factors.

We found experienced physicians who specialized in working with individualized medical work-ups and customized hormone augmentation to aid people to function in their optimum range. This is in contrast to letting patients limp along just because there blood levels were not technically outside “normal” ranges recognized at that time.

For over ten years I have referred many women for hormone evaluations as well as for psychiatric and general medical evaluations to better understand them and to improve their quality of life by augmenting psychotherapy with effective medical treatment. I often refer men for testosterone evaluation for fatigue and lowered sexual desire.

Women can be very complicated given the many chemical interactions with their reproductive system and other hormones. However, given their personal feelings and risk for cancer they may or may not be a candidate for hormone augmentation.

Psychiatrists and internists I refer to can often prescribe other medications to counter specific symptoms that may be a result of hormone deficiency. Problems associated with deficiencies in hormones or hormone levels that fall in the lower range of normal are not necessarily defined by age. I am a strong believer that people are individuals and are often some combination of psychotherapy and medication is the most productive path.